Facilitating and bridging change and transformation in persons, groups and organizations,

BLEVANT is run by Eva Milletorp, a changemaker, inspiring lecturer and entrepreneur, acting in different capacities as business mentor, organizational developer and project manager. She is known for her big heart and empathic personality, and for her capacity to bring new and inspiring perspectives to the projects and people she collaborates with.



"I believe in the potential of people and projects"

- Eva Milletorp

"Eva is a positive and inspirering coach with a huge knowledge bank and a person with a humanity of highest quality.”


G. - coaching client



"Eva is a passionate and inspiring woman who will engage in business that she believes in. She is a vivid and trustworthy person who will never step back for changes if she can see that the outcome will be of benefit to people. She is a people's person, intelligent and convincing in her communication who inspires her stakeholders to make a change for the better. The drive of her engagement is love towards life."


Helle Fjord - project partner


“Eva has an amazing ability to inspire and as a lecturer easily reaches the audience. Eva is proactive and driven and good at change management through her holistic perspective and broad experience – she is a doer that makes things happen. Among her colleagues Eva spreads her positive energy and shows her energetic personality.”


Matilde Johansson - former colleague


Cellphone: +46 (0)725 26 32 00

Email: eva@blevant.se

Skype: evamille